Brad Pitt Crushing Life in an 80’s Pringles Commercial to Close Out Your Wednesday

Brad Pitt, man. What a guy. I’m guessing this video just surfaced on the internet since the trailer for his new movie Fury just came out today* but regardless of why it showed up on Reddit, I’m so glad it did. Looks like nothing has changed for Brad since these heydays. Just hanging around with smokes on the regular, being handsome as fuck, and crushing life. What am I doing with myself? Sitting in a room by myself with my stupid face watching some footy and thinking about how I should run to the store during halftime to get a sleeve of Pringles. Pitt for the win.

But yeah, it’s about time to mail it in for the day. Did about as much writing today as I had to do during finals week with those Kennedy Printing and Tap Room recaps. Enjoy the rest of your day and start getting fired up for USA/Germany tomorrow. Blarney Stone (3929 Sansom St.) tomorrow. Be there or be a communist. Doors open at 11:30 am.

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* Here’s the trailer for Fury in case you haven’t seen it yet. Looks pretty slick.

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